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System adminisitrator

System administration is a not an easy job. OS and software versions change in a daily basis fixing known problems and improving benchmarking and options. But they get more complicated to setup and administrate.

adm112 Expert account will help you through all theses jobs and writes about the last updates and tips in sysamin.


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SAP ERP FICO/SRM/MM/SD + Mobile Information technologies

I'm mastered in SAP ERP and Information Technologies especially FICO (SAP certified consultant) and experienced on SRM and MM, as work on maintenance projects i have some domain on abap programming. I'm passionate reader about Information Technologies used to post on my blog all matters around mobile and social networks, some startups on mind and wanted to develop mobile applications.




Fashion,style and runway trends

I am here to help you understand fashion in a more clear, concise way with my own knowledge in apparel and trends.

I will help you research on designers, find dates for fashion week, track down the latest trends, and most of all,I will help you find the most helpful sites on the web for fashion/design/color trends/art/magazines/photography.

I am a web researcher, a blogger, and a fashion...


Internet Psychologist

I'm Graham Jones, an Internet Psychologist.

That means I specialise in understanding how people use the internet and how they behave online. With that knowledge I'm able to help business owners improve their web sites so that they truly engage people, thereby increasing custom.

I write and speak about the subject and I'm frequently in the media commenting on some aspect of the internet.



Senior System and Network Administrator

I am a geeky and adventurous System and NetworkAdministrator from Spain who has been living in Asia for more than 5 years.I have worked for more than 8 years in 5 different countries deliveringcomplex and high available (i.e. zero downtime systems) systems relyingmostly on open source (free) software.

I am currently living and working in Singapore. I work as the Lead Networkand Systems...


Internet Researcher

My name is Henry Marcos and I am one of thepioneer researchers at Google Answers. My codename there isEasterangel-ga. Since that time I have answered more than 1300questions and acquired a high rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. I havebeen working as an internet researcher for almost seven years now. Ispecialize mostly on business research but I can also help you out onnon-business related...